You are a tourist in Austria seeking thrill and adventure?

Edelweiss Adventure is THE place to go if you want to experience firearm shooting.

Enter the world of shooting

Experience your own trial shooting under professional guidance with fun and adventure factor, taking the highest safety into account.

We operate 2 high-end shooting ranges where we will take you on a tour of firearms and show you how to use them correctly in a competent and professional environment. You will learn about different weapons and you will try out these weapons yourself with the support of an instructor and experience the sound of the shot and the forces of the recoil.


Our team is highly experienced, especially when it comes to combine the shooting sport, safety and recreational aspects with fun factor.

Acquire survival skills

Though shooting is our core competency, we are specialists in the whole outdoor and self-defense sports sector and also offer education and training in the field of outdoor and survival as well as related sports and leisure activities.

Selection of activities we offer

  • Trial shooting with fun and adventure factor
  • Event shooting for companies, private groups or individuals.
  • Half – full day teambuilding events
  • Scouting for adults
  • Advanced first aid and crisis preparedness for smaller groups

Of course we are flexible and able to customize any offer according to your needs.

You can rely on 100% professionalism and seriousness.